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Three: Twenty One, also called 321, is an independent single-player adventure game under development by small team of gaming industry veterans and volunteers. The game is expected to be released by Summer 2016 on Steam and other DRM-free platforms.

The game is being developed to bring awareness to Winston's Wish, a UK-based charity that supports bereaved children. Players will have the option to make an in-game donation to the charity. Winston's Wish applauded the effort in January 2016, saying the charity is "delighted" over the game.

321 is divided into smaller adventure games or programs that act as a way to open a dialog with the player and encourage interaction and exploration. Unlike other games, 321 doesn't aim to progressively become more challenging, (neither through mechanics or difficulty) instead it evolves through player progression and the challenges give way to a maturing story-telling system. Through the player's interactions with these basic functioning adventure programs that serve as a timeline of events, they discover what 321 is really about and just how real games can get.

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Published133 days ago
Tags2D, 3D, adventure, Arcade, charity, evolving, Retro
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


ThreeTwentyOnePreview.zip (433 MB)


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