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Great job on this game guys!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere, tense and creepy, and the concept was intriguing with lots of possibilities.

Now that I look at the images I think I might have missed some part, though it was a very pleasent experience :D Not to mention the fact that you made it for charity.

I made a video about it :

if you want to check, in the end I tried to speculate on the meaning of the game, let me know if I came at least close to it, best of luck for the full release!

Excellent news, many thanks.


Will the game be available for Win 32 platforms? I tried the preview on my Win7 32bit system but it doesn't work.

I really hope so as the game seems amazing.

Hey, so we should be able to deliver both 32 and 64 Bit versions of the game for Windows. This demo was built for 64 bit only due to less time for optimizations before the gameshow. (Maybe I'll get a chance to upload a new 32 bit build in the next few days though...) :)

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This game is fantastic! If anyone's stuck, here's a full playthough:

No idea what to do -_-